Wednesday, May 25, 2005
About My Sites

Currently I'm working on my fanart site. As for now, it is stored on my free geocities account, this is the link: Final Touch.
But soon I'll be updating it to my domain, Then the link will be this: Final Touch
To tell the truth I don't like this title but it was the only one that came to mind. If you have any suggestions... I think I'll appreciate it!! XD
Anyways! I'll move next friday!! It is a big apt, so that my brother and I have a lot of space! Hahaha I'll change the name of my blog, I guess! Apartment #21... hahaha!

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Long time huh? Well by now I've already finished my second semester at Bulter! And with many "A"s... =)

Anyways, finally my little bro is going to live with me again!!! YAY!!! Soon I'll be posting more stuff... Ah, check my fanart site out: Final Touch

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

YAY! I got an A for my sociology test! =)
And I did great on my Art Appreciation exam too!!! Yay!! ^___^
Only this week and we'll have our spring break! But nonethless, I'll be working full time then... -_-'
Anyways! I dunno why I'm kinda happy... I guess it's because it's getting closer to the day I finally leave this place! I can't stand this anymore, this "family". It's so stupid work for those you despise... whatever.
Keeping on playing my games to spend time; I'm almost finishing FFVIII then I guess I'm going or: a) to play Gran Turismo 4; b) play Fifa 2005 or c) play Final Fantasy VII again XDDDDDDDD man having nothing to do is a pain!

Not too many people know to WHERE I'll be moving after this semester at Butler finishes. I guess only my advisor, a lady at the church and my landlord, hehe. Oh, and of course, my brother in my native country, duh! Hopefully this way my cousins will leave me alone.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005
One night at "Temple Baptist Church"

Guess what?? The lady here at the printshop asked me if I wanted to go to her church because they had a new pastor there (she knows I'm Catholic by the way. She was excited because this pastor was talking about the Holy Spirit). With my cute foreign accent I said: "Yes, why not? A new exeperience..." [And I thought: "Let's see what they have to say..."].
Two hours of sermons against mormons, hindus and - you guessed it - Catholics! According to their preacher, we are all going straight to hell!!
It was hillarious even thought sad for their way of thinking... whatever.

As for the college... hmm. I've got an Art Appreciation exam (#2) last week, and I hope I've done well! Seemed to me kinda easy! This week I'll have a Sociology test. And tomorrow I've got to present my collage!

As for entertainment... recently I've been playing Final Fantasy VIII (again!). I've also been goofing around the message boards for this game and I read many interesting things! Mostly about the plot. I quite never thought Rinoa could be Ultimecia in reality!! Even though I still don't believe in this theory (which can be seen at, whoever came up with this sure has a great insight! Really interesting! By the way... Final Fantasy Advent Children will be released in Japan March 14!!! Can't wait for the English version! ^____^

Argh I had more to write here but I always forget (it's usually when I'm walking around in El Dorado. It seems I'm the only person to walk in this town.

AH! Remember. Two weeks ago CNN reported the Kyoto Treaty started, and I found it amusing HOW they said it about USA not participating, something like: "USA would have many people unemployed with the reductions for the treaty" instead of saying something like: "industries would lose a lot of its profit". IDIOTAS. Whatever.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Class Schedule!

Well I guess I caught up with almost everything up to now. I've done quite well on my first exams and essays. Right now I just finished my second essay [Inductive Essay] and it seems the next one will be Deductive. Essays have been the most dificult part when it comes to studing in a foreing country. It is really hard to think of everything in English and write with the same knowledge you have in your native language (Portuguese, in my case).
As for the exams, they are not that hard. In Art Appreciation our exams are essays tests, which I thought it would be hard but in the end I got a good grade.
Multiple choices are hard when you have words you don't know really well the meaning (which can lure you to answer the wrong one).
My Drawing class... I don't think it has an exam.

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One week after my tsunami

Nope, I'm not talking about the one in Asia, I'm talking about the one that just happened in my "family". I keep thinking why on earth this had to happen, why NOW. If everything had happened one month ago, I could've dropped my classes at Butler Community College and transfered somewhere else or headed back to my country.

To each his/her own; what matters now is that I'm really fed up with all of this. Since I'm the weak side of the story, even if I wanted to fight for something, I would end up being the "wrong" one in the story the same way.

I'll try to change the layout of this blog too (like I usually do anyway), so it will have my "feeling" onto this.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Here I go AGAIN

Man, I think this is the 5th or 6th blog I've made!

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